What is acne mechanica

By | June 10, 2020

what is acne mechanica

It is often mistaken as a rash that forms on sweaty skin that is constantly being rubbed, but in reality, it is a breakout of acne mechanica. The term “acne” itself describes the occurrence in which hair follicles also known as pores in the skin get clogged by oil, dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria, or cosmetic products and create a pimple. Pimples can vary in type, size, and shape, but the sole basis of them occurring is the same – the oil gland in the pore becomes clogged and sometimes infected, which creates pus in order to fight the infection and subsequently causes the development of swollen, red lesions on the skin. The signs and symptoms at an early stage are harder to be seen. At first look, acne mechanica seems very similar to any other type of acne. However, it differs in how it is caused. A lot of acne has to do with hormones, the amount of oil production in the skin, and genetic predispositions. When the skin is constantly rubbed, it initially becomes rough and then starts to develop acne-like bumps with continuing irritation like sweating or more friction.

If acne lesions start to sprout in places where your skin gets rubbed — such as on your shoulders where you carry your backpack, across your forehead beneath your hat or helmet, on your chin just under your helmet chin strap, or where you hold your cell phone — acne mechanica may be to blame. It also elevates blood fats and can cause severe birth defects if taken while pregnant. Nor should you. Get free access to newly published articles. Health Topics. A powerful acne treatment system for men can step up your skin care game and eliminate stubborn blemishes.

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