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Does the keto diet raise your colesterol

People who follow the ketogenic, or keto, diet eat high amounts of fat, moderate amounts of protein, and minimal amounts of carbohydrates. Some evidence suggests that following this diet can affect cholesterol levels. For this reason, the keto diet may not be appropriate for everyone. For example, healthcare professionals may advise that people with high… Read More »

Cheap protein to help your diet

Nine 9Honey Coach Diet. Some meat proteins for me are difficult to digest especially if eaten alone. Sunflower seeds are one of the cheapest edible seeds available, and a decent source of plant protein. Chicken breast is a lean source of protein. Easy to rake up the calories on these as they are calorie dense,… Read More »

How to add fruit to your diet

Department of Agriculture. Fruit punch or juice is not healthy even though it has fruit in it. Add apple chunks, pineapple, grapes, or raisins to tuna or chicken salad. Unfortunately, most American diets lack enough fruits and vegetables. Roasting vegetables is easy and brings out new flavors. Preparation time, unfamiliarity, and old habits are other… Read More »

Stop feeding your cat vegan diet

In June , a Tumblr blog user named sfveganyogi posted a picture of the dinner she was about to serve her Labrador, Maggie. Does she look excited? She is! Maggie, it turned out, was probably rather less excitable about her meal than a large number of internet users who responded to the post. Many were… Read More »

How do you get lipids in your diet

Lipids also contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen but in a different configuration, having considerably fewer oxygen atoms than are found in carbohydrates. Lipids are soluble in organic solvents such as acetone or ether and insoluble in water, a property that is readily seen when an oil-and-vinegar salad dressing separates quickly upon standing. The lipids of… Read More »