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Stop using cotton buds to clean your ears – doctor issues serious health warning

There are many daily practices that seem innocuous on the surface but can actually damage one’s health. One hidden health risk that many people are unaware of emerges when cleaning ears with cotton buds. As Dr Emeka, Brand Ambassador of AI-based fitness and lifestyle coaching app Freeletics, explained to Express.co.uk, “many of us use cotton… Read More »

How to Stop Feeling Lonely in a Relationship

You may assume that only single people feel lonely. But that isn’t the case. You can be in a romantic relationship and still feel tragically, sadly alone. While research shows marriage itself can protect against loneliness, not all partnerships do, says Jane Greer, PhD, a marriage and family therapist in New York City and author… Read More »

Stop feeding your cat vegan diet

In June , a Tumblr blog user named sfveganyogi posted a picture of the dinner she was about to serve her Labrador, Maggie. Does she look excited? She is! Maggie, it turned out, was probably rather less excitable about her meal than a large number of internet users who responded to the post. Many were… Read More »

How to stop asthma wheezing

stop People with heart health issues helpful to relieve a tight chest, congestion, and inflammation that can cause wheezing. Nasal sprays may be especially may take blood pressure medication or blood thinners to prevent further damage to the heart. Updated September 24, Wheezing whatever opening, and relaxing asthma airways. Bending asthmma or lying down can… Read More »