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Weekly Health Quiz: Vaccines, Aging and Obesity

1 Certain vaccines can make you more susceptible to severe infection rather than less through a process known as: Antibody-dependent enhancement Experts have warned about the problematic history of coronavirus vaccines and their propensity to produce antibody‐dependent enhancement (ADE), which could make vaccinated individuals more susceptible to severe infection by SARS-CoV-2 or its variants. Learn… Read More »

Study finds link between coronavirus mortality risk and obesity

The World Obesity Foundation released a new study Thursday that found a link between a country’s COVID-19 mortality and obesity prevalence in its population.  The researchers found “high mortality rates only in countries where overweight prevalence exceeds around 50% of the adult population.” “Globally, at the end of 2020, COVID-19 mortality rates were more than ten… Read More »

How obesity causes male infertility

Don’t drink alcohol or use recreational drugs, such as marijuana, if you’re trying to get pregnant. How Is Low Sperm Count and Motility Treated? In fact, these herbal supplements are known to help increase sperm production and protect your sperm from oxidative stress through their antioxidant content. Degrees how obesity causes male infertility DNA fragmentation… Read More »