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Lawmakers hopeful billing legislation emerges from pandemic’s shadow

Members of Congress are hopeful that stalled efforts to eliminate surprise medical billing practices will start back up with another round of coronavirus economic aid legislation. “The logical next step is to include in the next round of COVID legislation the market-based solution agreed on by two House committees and our Senate health committee,” Sen.… Read More »

Diabetes where does it come from

The condition known today as diabetes usually referring to diabetes mellitus is thought to have been described in the Ebers Papyrus c. Physicians of the medieval Islamic world, including Avicenna, have also written on diabetes. Early accounts often referred to diabetes as a disease of the kidneys. In , Thomas Willis suggested that diabetes may… Read More »

Quorum Health to emerge from bankruptcy next month

Dive Brief: For-profit hospital operator Quorum Health received approval of its plan to recapitalize the business Monday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. Quorum expects to emerge from bankruptcy in early July, according to regulatory filings. The system filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy April 7 to address current liquidity needs while continuing… Read More »

Can u get hair loss from anxiety

When her ponytail started shrinking in circumference last summer, Lisa, an e-commerce exec in her early 30s, initially blamed it on her beauty routine. But a few months later, her scalp started showing, and she had an immediate hunch that burnout was responsible for her thinning strands. If all those tests come back clear, doctors… Read More »