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How yoga can wreck your body

Thank you Ganga once toga for your calm wisdom and deep thoughtfulness. Linda Saccoccio says: January 17, at am. Was the article balanced based on what Your. It seems that every rule — particularly of knee and ankle alignment that dancers hold in high regard to avoid injury, is broken in yoga. David describes anatomically… Read More »

Where does arthritis affect the body

Exercise Regular exercise is important to keep you moving and independent. They can teach you how to manage stress more effectively, recommend and show you how to use self-help devices, suggest ways to make everyday and work activities easier and teach you how to reduce strain on your joints and conserve energy. It results in… Read More »

How to make antibacterial body soap

Sorry if you thought the title of my post is misleading. Using different oils makes a big difference. It is similar to this one. No, we don’t need anti-bacterial soap. Some data shows this resistance may have how to make antibacterial body soap significant impact on the effectiveness of medical treatments, such as antibiotics. Use… Read More »