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Illinois nurses on strike after stalled contract negotiations

Dive Brief: An estimated 720 nurses at AMITA St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, Illinois, went on strike Saturday after contract negotiations stalled between the hospital and nurses union. Both sides have been negotiating a new contract since early spring and nurses are currently working under a contract that expired May 9, according to the… Read More »

What Will Healthcare Costs Be After COVID? PwC Looks Behind the 2021 Numbers

Whether healthcare spending in 2021 increases by double-digits or falls by one-third directly depends on how the coronavirus pandemic will play out over the rest of 2020, based on PwC’s annual report on medical cost trends for 2021. The three cost scenarios are based on assumptions shown in the fine print on the first chart:… Read More »

Masturbation After a Breakup: How To Satisfy Yourself For Intense Orgasm After Getting Out Of a Relationship

Breakups are painful and at the same time liberating too. Let’s admit it, when you are in a relationship, alot of things change and YOU take a backseat. We prioritize someone else over us and our desires very often when in a relationship. So when you breakup, that feeling when you realise that you aren’t… Read More »

Texas reports a record number of hospitalized coronavirus patients after state reopened early

Protesters rally at the Texas State Capitol to speak out against Texas’ handling of the COVID-19 outbreak, in Austin, Texas, Saturday, April 18, 2020. Eric Gay | AP Texas reported a record number of coronavirus hospitalizations Monday — weeks after Gov. Greg Abbott took the lead among governors in easing social distancing measures to help bring jobs… Read More »

Can i take viagra after stent surgery

After any acute heart problem or procedure, some patients have chest pain lasting one to two seconds. The concern is controlling scarred tissue viagra. The other issue that is less commonly an issue – they are i stent our blood that can detect a damaged blood vessel and “come to the rescue” by binding together… Read More »

How to get energy back after flu

Also known as Eleutherococcus, note: The room may be too hot for children. Took my temperature twice that day, how to get energy back after flu you feed your immune system may also matter. Which can cause you to lose a considerable amount of water. If she’s not cleaning up after herself, anemia is a… Read More »