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Low CD4 cell count linked to increased risk of cancer among people with HIV in South Africa

Immune suppression is associated with an increased risk of numerous infection-related cancers among people with HIV in South Africa, investigators report in Clinical Infectious Diseases. There was a strong association between a lower CD4 cell count and the incidence of Kaposi’s sarcoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, cervical cancer and other cancers linked to human papillomavirus (HPV), as… Read More »

The Latest: Third of South Africa cases in Gauteng province

JOHANNESBURG — South Africa is reporting another 13,497 confirmed coronavirus cases for a total of 264,184 including 3,971 deaths. More than a third of cases are in the new hot spot of Gauteng province, which includes Johannesburg and the capital, Pretoria. Already public hospitals are expressing concerns about shortages of available beds and medical oxygen.… Read More »

Why is malaria so common in africa

Climate variables may effect malaria transmission in certain regions. Additional models, such as that developed by the MARA Initiative, may be included in the future and we welcome the opportunity to work with others on the further development of these products. Within that endemic zone, however, the disease exhibits a spectrum of characteristics. Every year… Read More »

Why yoga is banned in africa

I’m a Hindi speaking Hindu girl from Mumbai. When it comes to the state of Ontario, the leniency level is perhaps the highest. During Mbeki’s presidency, many medical researchers harshly criticized his AIDS policies and predicted that these policies would lead to countless deaths. Another critic of these policies was Harvard University’s Robert Rotberg, who,… Read More »