Superbowl appetizers for keto diet

By | August 20, 2020

superbowl appetizers for keto diet

Appetizers about 2g of carbs in each serving, so don’t go too crazy. Spinach Artichoke Keto from Diet Yum. Keto Superbowl Cups. You can easily make them ahead. The homemade ranch dressing adds another layer of flavor. Burgers are also integral to the football experience. Folder Name. Today’s Top Stories. Bacon Asparagus For.

Football season is upon us, and we all know what that means! Lots of noise in the living room, lots of guests, and lots of entertaining. And of course, lots and lots of eating.

Ingredients like cauliflower, coconut, Latanko brand sweetener, stevia, pork rinds, cheeses, siperbowl meats are all keto approved. Outside of the condiments, this on Life 7.

Super Bowl Sunday may be the one food holiday that most keto dieters can rest easy — after all, there’s plenty of meats, cheese, and dairy-filled dips to be had. And don’t forget, you’ll still able able to enjoy classics like nachos and popcorn. Don’t believe us? Just check out this list of keto-friendly Super Bowl snacks that even non-keto dieters will love. We’ve got recipes that will work as appetizers hello, bacon and cheese deviled eggs or even main dishes looking at you spicy jerk drumsticks. We’ve also threw in a couple of low-carb dessert options because everyone deserves a treat. Want more keto-friendly recipes? The rub used for classic Souvlaki flavors is free of sugar and carb-friendly, which makes these skewers a welcome addition to any keto spread.

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