My Last Cigarette

By | August 14, 2020

I don’t normally do this, but I feel strongly about smoking, more accurately, not smoking. I quit nine years ago in July, so every year I have at least one post about quitting.  And, I go back to the forum where I received a lot of support, and made some great friends, and write what they call a”milestone post.” Since I have not done anything here, yet, and this post was featured by the moderator, I thought I would just put it here.  Saves a lot of typing, you know

Nine years ago July was the last cigarette. It was a lonely feeling at the time, a little scary, and clouded with uncertainty. I liked smoking, people are going to say I didn’t, it was just an illusion caused by the addiction, ok, but it felt like I liked smoking. Heck, I looked cool smoking, ok I probably looked almost as stupid as I was, but smoking was the dumbest thing I ever did and it would be awful to look that stupid.  Whatever the case, I quit, and it was the smartest thing I ever did, my doctor said it was the best health care decision a person could make. He was right.

Today, I feel too good to be this old. Happy, cheerful, free, and healthy, and it started with a decision to quit smoking. Making the decision was easy, following through could be tough at times, but every day got easier, every week was a victory. And they piled up, faster and faster. Soon it was a year, a year without a cigarette, wow! That was amazing. Who knew it was even possible?

It is liberating being an ex-smoker, no more stopping to buy a pack, no more making sure there is a lighter handy, no more washing up in an attempt to cover the odor. Life is simpler and better.

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There are so many problems with smoking, the least of which is the ridiculous expense. A person could probably fund a presidential campaign on the money spent smoking. It is hideously expensive, and that is the least of the problems. Smoking kills people, slowly, insidiously, painfully, humiliating them, bankrupting them, destroying them. And I did this by choice?!

My Mother quit when she was 85 years old, her doctor told her she had to, or it was going to take her vision. After many years, I don’t even know how many, she quit. She carped, and complained, and griped, but it was a source of great pride, that she managed to quit, at 85. But, she had no idea, nor did I, that smoking is terrible for your eyes. 85 years old, smoked most of her life, and she quit, so can you, and you should. An interesting anecdote, my mom was kind of a handful and made my younger sister promise to tell everyone she died prematurely (if that is possible at 91) because they made her quit smoking.

I exercise, real exercise, three times a week, at the gym, treadmills, elliptical machines, weights, resistance training, real exercise, and I feel great. Better than I have in years. Happier, healthier, nicer to people, a little wealthier, and all because I quit smoking.

Think about it, quitting smoking will help you see better, live longer, feel happier, and have a little more money. Yes. there are moments of difficulty, temptation, even longing, but they pass. There is an old saying in the fitness world (imagine that, me in the fitness world) “If the question is not hunger food is not the answer.” What question could possibly have the answer “smoking a cigarette.”

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Here is a song about freedom, it is old so some of the imagery is a little dated, and it might not be exactly appropriate for freedom from smoking, but these guys are cool, and I am sure would be very happy to help you quit. Besides, no matter what the question, “Rock and Roll,” is always a good answer.

This post was previously published on Life Explained and is republished here with permission from the author.


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