Ketogenic diet for type II bipolar disorder

By | August 27, 2020

ketogenic diet for type II bipolar disorder

The exact causes of bipolar disorder formerly known as manic depressive illness are unknown. Current treatments are mainly medications, which supposedly correct these imbalances. When medications fail to work, treatments can also include transcranial magnetic stimulation TMS and electroconvulsive therapy ECT. Many treatments that are approved for the treatment of epilepsy also work for bipolar disorder and other psychiatric disorders, including medications like Depakote valproic acid, Tegretol carbamazepine, and Lamictal lamotrigine. Other anticonvulsant medications are used off label very commonly in the treatment of bipolar disorder. Given the overlap in effective treatments, it is not unreasonable to question if the evidence-based ketogenic diet might play a role in the treatment of bipolar disorder, at least for some people. In support of this possibility, recent research suggests that disturbances in energy metabolism play a role in bipolar disorder, meaning the brain or certain parts of the brain may not be getting enough energy, at least from glucose. The ketogenic diet forces the body and brain to begin using ketones for energy instead of glucose, possibly bypassing some of these abnormalities. There are case reports, which should be considered preliminary evidence definitive evidence would be a blinded, randomized, controlled trial.

Put simply, most of our cells work best when they burn fat instead of carbohydrate. Common complaints include constipation, dehydration and micronutrient and electrolyte deficiencies — the latter is no joke as it may induce irregular heartbeats. I have been following the ketogenic diet to treat my bipolar disorder for 2 years. I have spent a lot of time researching it. There were a higher proportion of reports of substantial improvement in mood stabilisation i. Although these people were diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, the medications used to treat bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder are often then same. One diet in particular, the ketogenic diet, has the potential to benefit people with this condition, according to limited research. Please be careful and stay safe.

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Your doctor and dietitian can ketogenic you how to go on this diet in the safest possible way. If you are not on any medications you can begin right away. Simplified diagram of dit ketone bodies such as d disorder may bypass type block in the link between glycolysis pyruvate to acetyl coenzyme A bipolar in the cytoplasm and the tricarboxylic acid TCA cycle in mitochondrion. Some of bipolag anecdotes are inspiring. First of all, the version of the diet that appears to work for serious psychiatric disorders is bipolra strict medical version up to a ratio diet, the same one used in treating epilepsy. We filtered all posts to identify those that mentioned a direct experience of an individual reported to have bipolar disorder when for a ketogenic diet.

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