Is Attachment the Same As Love? Here are All the Feelings You Get When You are Truly in Love!

By | July 29, 2020

If this is your first serious relationship, you might spend a lot of time wondering if this is love. Sure, it is possible to experience a “love at first sight” connection; true love feels different from the warm feelings we usually associate when we are in love. Not sure about the feelings of true love? We have put together a list of every feeling that you get when you are in the midst of a romance. Read on!

What is True Love?

Sure every one experiences love in their unique way, but we often tend to mix up between lust, attraction, attachment and love. But is attachment the same as true love? Attachment is about feeling deeply connected to someone, and it surpasses your physical lust and attraction. Attachment can either be sexual or romantic. When you are in a relationship, you go through deep interpersonal connection along with doubts, disillusionment, and ultimately a decision to stick to the same person during or before experiencing love whole-heartedly.

What Does Love Feel Like?

The risk doesn’t bother you: Love pushes you to take up all the risks and open yourself up entirely to a person. Despite the possibility of heartbreak, you would be with them anyway. Love & Relationship: Signs That Indicate Your Partner Doesn’t See the Real You in a Relationship.

You feel calm and content around them: When the honeymoon phase fades, both of you get a sense of calm in each other’s presence. When you are in love, you feel content in their presence. Relationship & Dating Tips: How to Draw a Thin Line Between Obsession and Passion in Love?

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Everything just feels right: The idea of unconditional love actually stems from the fact that love always does not have good reasons. You just know that you are on the right path. It doesn’t always have to feel easy or necessarily positive.

They complete you as an individual: It is an excellent sign if you feel that your partner completes you. It is wholehearted love where both of you are free to be your whole selves. You are two whole people who work incredibly well as a team.

You trust your love will last: Despite the difficulties, you know that you want that person in your life trust they will be around for you. Building trust is a process that takes time. Feng Shui Tips for Couples: 7 Ways to Attract Love and Romance in Your Bedroom.

If you are wondering how long does it take to fall in love, know that no set time-frame applies to all. It depends on you as an individual and both of you as a couple.

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