Does diet coke decay teeth

By | August 26, 2020

does diet coke decay teeth

In what sounds like the creepiest experiment ever, researchers from University of Melbourne’s Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre exposed extracted human molars to 15 beverages, including regular sodas, sports drinks, milk, and three sugar-free sodas. After a good soak, they examined all the teeth, checking for changes in calcium levels, weight, and surface damage. Surprisingly, there was no significant difference between damage caused by sugary and sugar-free drinks. Only milk caused negligible damage. Both ingredients bond with calcium, which ultimately weakens teeth, makes them feel chalky against the tongue, and causes tooth sensitivity, among other issues. The moral of the story is the one you’ve been denying forever: When it comes to your teeth and your general health, water wins every time. Now, if only H2O made for a better mixer. If you must drink a carbonated beverage because rum and Coke, etc. Follow Elizabeth on Twitter and Instagram.

How bad are sugary drinks for our teeth really? Professor Clive McCay reveals the main culprits and whether diet coke is good or bad. It’s an old wives’ tale beloved by parents wanting to teach their kids the perils of sugar. When a tooth is dropped into a glass of Coke and left overnight, it gets completely eroded away.

Colgate Ingredient Information. It’s true that consuming beverages that are lower in sugar decreases your risk for tooth decay, but drinking diet or sugar-free beverages doesn’t remove the risk entirely. Most people know that drinking sugary drinks can cause tooth decay, but you also have to watch out for a drink’s acidity. The lower the pH of a food or drink, the higher risk for tooth erosion — this includes diet sodas, juices, energy drinks and others. Studies carried out in the Oral Health CRC on sugar-free beverages, sugar-free confectionery and sports drinks demonstrated that “many of these products contained multiple acids and had low pH values. Unfortunately, although they often contain no sugar, diet sodas usually cause about the same amount of dental erosion as regular sodas and can harm your teeth. Additionally, while the sugar in regular soda and other sweet drinks forms harmful acid in your mouth, diet or sugar-free beverages also contain phosphoric acid, the same found in regular, sugary soda.

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Did you know lack of water is the number one trigger for daytime fatigue? Finland – Suomi. Fridge or cupboard row settled as food expert lists foods that should be chilled Food. Saudi Arabia English. Hunt, DDS M. More Videos You May Like. Still have questions about soda, sugar, and acid?

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