Can you take eye drops to school

By | June 26, 2020

can you take eye drops to school

It is vital that medication is only administered by staff appropriately trained and competent to give it. In addition, make sure to always give it according to written medical instructions and with written consent from the parent or legal guardian. It explains how to keep to the legal requirements for giving medication in schools. Honest communication is essential. For instance, ensure that the child knows what to expect. In other words, always be honest; if the medicine is likely to taste bad, or an injection will hurt a little, let them know that is the case.

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Young Achievers provides full-time nursing services in the school building every school day during school hours. We provide an array of health services for your child to support the academic mission of the school. These consents must be updated each school year. The healthcare needs of children with chronic illness can be complex and continuous and may need both daily management and support for addressing potential emergencies. Please see attached a spotlight on supports for students with Sickle Cell Disease, one of the chronic conditions for which we are working to improve our outreach to families to ensure they are aware of the services and supports available to students with this condition. We are here to support you and your child with any health condition.

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