Can you catch a flu in summer

By | June 15, 2020

can you catch a flu in summer

The flu is a highly contagious respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus. The virus causes seasonal epidemics of respiratory illness that occur during the fall and winter months. Despite the seasonality of influenza activity, many people experience flu-like symptoms during the summer. Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention detect influenza viruses year-round, these symptoms may not be due to influenza infection. Flu season is when influenza activity is highest.

This heat dries our skin as well as our nasal passages, making them a perfect breeding ground for viruses. Health Tools Feeling unwell? Rapid or difficulty breathing always needs to be checked out no matter what. I was under the impression that the onset of the flu seasons is correlated with the seasonal bird migration patterns, triggering changes in the virus ecology in China and South East Asia, where advance flu monitoring is happening each year. Can You Get a Cold in the Summer? Support Aleteia takes a minute. Your immune system could not defend the virus as well as when you were warm as the cold dry air led to vasoconstriction of the internal nose. Just try it! Health tips.

Can you catch a flu in summer frankly you

When the air is humid it will way down the droplets and make it fall to the ground sooner. And btw, regardless of your opinion, there is no call for being an ass just because you disagree with someone. Get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet. Eat good, lots of veggies, fruit. So, add them all up and they become smallRNAvirus, or picornavirus. They release them all year to keep us out of the oceans! So why exactly to we get hammered by colds and flus during the chilly winter and early spring months, and get some respite from them during the warmer months of the year? A study in a guinea pig model supports this idea, finding that influenza viruses are transmitted more effectively between animals at a low humidity and low temperature.

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