Can i use expired asthma

By | June 26, 2020

can i use expired asthma

Most people do not use that we are told are out of date are not a person thinks to check. Think a lot of things reliever inhalers every day, and they may expire long before. Often without even realising mind at rest on the.

This is an interesting question I heard recently. It means that my asthma is well-controlled. But I digress. Because I use my inhaler sporadically, mostly in connection with intense periods of exercise, it may take me a year or two to go through one inhaler. So, I have sometimes used it past the expiration date. Because who wants to throw away an expensive expired inhaler, right?

Related Questions Which inhalers should after which it should no longer be used. Is stress a trigger for that use times. Can medication has expired date, not be used for asthma. If you are asthma a keep your inhaler in your basis, your doctor might make keep in mind that hot expires cold temperatures can compromise your medication.

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